Finding Balance in Stepfamily Life

Finding balance in stepfamily life can be a challenge. In fact you can’t search for balance, you have to create it.

It’s important to evaluate how much time you need for yourself, with your partner, and with your family.

If you feel balanced, then I applaud you. It is not easy to balance it all. If you feel unbalanced, you can bring awareness to the imbalance and recalibrate.

How to find a balance in the life of a stepfamily?

1. Discuss expectations with your partner. 

What do both of you expect in regards to spending time on your own, with your family, and with each other. How much time will be spent in these areas and what are you both comfortable with. Don’t worry about the expectations of others. Focus on your needs and your partner’s needs. 

2. Set boundaries and be ok saying no! 

Setting boundaries will protect you from exhausting yourself.  You can set limits and expectations and still be a good person. Many stepmoms feel like they have to do it all. Be honest with yourself and reasonable in what you can and cannot handle. Setting boundaries doesn’t make you mean but neglecting your needs may. 

3. Keep the line of communication open with your partner.

If you’re lacking in one area, open up to your partner and let them know. Then come up with a plan together that works. Maybe you need more family time, more time to yourself, or a date night with your partner. Either way, speak up and ask for what you need.

Finding balance in stepfamily life can be a challenge. Being aware of your needs and aware of any imbalances will help you adjust the areas of your life you need, so you and your partner feel fulfilled.