Lighten Up a Bit: How to Apply More Humor to Your Stepparent Role

Apply More Humour to Your Stepparent, Lighten Up a Bit: How to Apply More Humor to Your Stepparent Role
How to Apply More Humor to Your Stepparent Role

As a stepparent, you may find yourself in a unique and sometimes challenging role. It can be difficult to find the balance between being a supportive presence in your stepchildren’s lives and being a source of lighthearted fun. Fortunately, there are ways to apply more humor to your stepparent role.

If there is one thing that’s required in life, it’s having a good old giggle with friends and family.

Laughing is fun, healthy, and it makes us happy.

In the world of stepparenting, we can get so hung up on this complex role that we are often guilty of taking ourselves too seriously.

We want to get it right first time. We are out to impress our partners, our stepchildren, the ex, and we want to show our friends and family that we are capable – that we’ve got this!

There are a lot of factors that can cause frustration to stepparents; things that likely wouldn’t bother us in first family scenarios. Parenting, in general, isn’t easy, but stepparenting comes with a different set of dynamics that at times, can leave you feeling like the black sheep in the family or tightly coiled like a spring.

It’s easy to feel bothered by things that your stepchildren have said or done that you may take to heart because the bonding process is still taking form.

You may have experienced conversations between your spouse and their ex that bordered on the unnecessary, turning the mood gray in that split second.  At the time, you probably concentrated on the fact that the call was even made instead of making light of the content itself and laughing at how silly it all was.

Many stepparents admit to subconsciously getting so caught up in waiting for negativity to hit them that they likely missed opportunities to laugh … a lot more often.

Granted, there will be days when laughing is just not an option.

It’s tough, but if you don’t laugh, you cry, right?

Do you recall an incident in your life when something bad happened, but once the storm had passed, whether it was weeks or even months later, you were able to reflect and laugh about it?

Whilst a lot of things do permit us to feel annoyed or sad, it is definitely worth trying to actively seek out humor amidst difficulties and laugh at the absurdities of it. If the children are annoying you, then try putting a humorous spin on it by making a joke with them and your spouse about it because laughter not only lowers tensions, but it can also help to reconnect people. It can be really hard to do in the moment, but it will help keep a happy mood in the home, even if it is driving you crazy.

Here are Some Tips to Help You Apply More Humor to Your Stepparent Role

1. Find the Fun in Everyday Activities

Make the most of everyday activities with your stepchildren by finding fun and unique ways to engage with them. For example, while doing chores, make a game out of it by turning it into a competition or challenge. Or, when driving them to school, sing along to the radio or make up funny stories together.

2. Find a Daily Mantra

Try to start the day on a positive note and remind yourself of a mantra you like that can help you remain joyful. Getting into the habit of doing this isn’t easy, but if you can train your mindset, you will feel a lot more relaxed in general and therefore more open to seeking out humor.

3. Create Inside Jokes

Perhaps you have a little code name that makes you chuckle every time it’s mentioned? Being able to mock or laugh at the silliness of any drama can really help offload any burden you may be feeling.

4. Seek Out Funny

Read a funny article/book or sit back and watch a movie that makes your sides ache, or tell jokes. Telling jokes is a great way to bring more humor into your stepparent role. Don’t be afraid to tell jokes that are a bit silly or corny. This will help your stepchildren to see that you can have fun and be goofy too.

5. Be Open to Laughter and Fun

As a stepparent, it’s important to be open to laughter and fun. Allow your stepchildren to joke around and laugh, and be sure to join in on the fun too. This will help them to feel comfortable and accepted in your presence.

6. Play Funny Games

Play games with your stepchildren that are both funny and entertaining. For example, have a “make up a story” competition, where each person takes turns adding a line to a silly story. Or, play a game of “yes or no”, where each person takes turns asking the other person a series of questions and the other person can only answer yes or no.

7. Shake It Off

Literally! Go off and get some exercise, as it will help release negative energy and put you in a more peaceful state of mind to lessen the chances of becoming worked up.

8. Give Yourself a Break

Made a mistake? Laugh at yourself! Not giving yourself leeway will only have a knock effect on your general happiness and wellbeing.

9. Turn Every Negative into a Positive

I believe that we can learn something positive from every negative thing that happens, so try to counterbalance stressors with positivity.

10. Surround Yourself with Laughter

Make a point of seeing more of those quick-witted family members or friends that always manage to get a smile out of you no matter how down you feel.

Life can be tough at times, but it is still there to be enjoyed. Laughing relaxes you – it heals, easing those feelings of anger or sadness that you are feeling.

You’ve heard that saying, ‘laughter is the best medicine’, right? Run with it, it really is.