Dating a man with kids

When we talk about dating a man with kids this sounds a bit intimidating, but love relationships have changed a lot over time, in the last decade there has been an increase in the divorce rate and if we add to that the number of Widowed or separated men, you will see that dating a man who has children is not so unreasonable, in fact, it is a real and relatively frequent option.

Imagine that you start to know someone. You see it all the time, the sex is great, you have fun and you have a lot in common. Everything seems perfect until he tells you that he has kids. At first you feel scared, but then it intrigues you, you think better of it and decide to try it. Perhaps you think that, after all, the children are not yours and are not your responsibility; It all sounds ideal, but really, is it easy to have a relationship with a partner who has already become a father?

You are probably attracted to the fact that someone with children is a responsible and committed person, but you should know that there will be times when your partner will have other priorities and will not be available all the time just for you. The truth is that you have gotten into a situation that is not easy, because this person is a father and has a lifelong commitment. But calm down, here we will talk about all the advantages and disadvantages of dating a man with kids, tips and everything you need to know.

Dating a man with kids, Dating a man with kids

Advantages of dating a man with kids

If you have already made the decision to move forward in this relationship, you must understand that he is in a different stage than yours and something very important, perhaps a little painful, but real to value, is that perhaps there will be moments where you will feel less important than your boyfriend’s children

To support you at this stage of your life, we will tell you some advantages of dating a man with kids, so that you know them when starting a relationship.

  • We give a man with children points in maturity: The responsibility of having children makes people mature whether they want to or not. It doesn’t matter if he is the same age as you or a little older, he will certainly be a more mature person in many aspects of life.
  • He knows how to handle many emotions and feelings: Being the father of one or more children at home has led him to learn how to handle many emotional circumstances. For this reason, he is probably a more sensitive, empathic person who acts in a more adult way; something fundamental in a couple relationship and that is not easy to achieve.
  • A man with kids is clear about what he wants and what he does not want in his life: This gives you the opportunity to have a more stable relationship, since obviously this man will choose very well the woman who will share everything with his children. If you are one of them, congratulations, you are the lucky one!
  • If you don’t want to have children, you are with the ideal man: He is already a father, so the issue of having children is probably not a reason for discussion.
  • If you want to have children, you are also with the ideal man: Having children has given him a lot of joy and he also knows his needs very well. So goodbye to the worries of being a new mother, you will have a lot of help from him.
  • Being a stepmother will teach you many things about being a mother: Even though you are not their biological mother, the children can come to adore you and you will get to have a good time with them. No one says it will be easy, but with a lot of patience and love, you will surely achieve it!
Dating a man with kids, Dating a man with kids

Disadvantages of dating a man with kids

Going out with a man with children can be accompanied by certain circumstances that are probably a challenge for you and can even become a problem if you are still not sure that you can face them.

  • You don’t like children: If this is your case, perhaps Cupid has missed the mark; this will undoubtedly be a great disadvantage in your relationship, since eventually you will have to share or live with them.
  • Your partner will always be in contact with his ex-wife: It is to be expected that your partner’s ex will have a lot of presence in your man’s life, so you should get used to this situation quickly. Hopefully it was an amicable parting, because otherwise you’ll be in the crossfire.
  • As a parent, your partner has certain responsibilities and priorities: Perhaps at times you feel that you are in the background in the relationship. You must understand that you will not be the center of his life and knowing this from the beginning will ease those mixed feelings a lot.
  • What if the children don’t like you?: There is a small chance that at first the children will not get along with you, well, of course, the separation from their parents may have affected them and depending on the age of the children, perhaps they look for culprits. Logically it has been your turn to be in the midst of them. You must be the adult who helps them to accept you with great patience.

Do you plan to date a man with kids?

When there are children involved, you must be aware that if you want to date a man with kids, plans can change at any time, be it due to school issues, illness or another unforeseen event, so you must be prepared to accept this. , since it is not his fault and it can happen.

The world of relationships is very complex, there are couples who decide to unite even coming from relationships that were a failure, however, they manage to adapt and get ahead, the key is a lot of love, communication and respect to be able to have a healthy relationship with your partner and his kids.